Energy Resources Group, Inc.

TransGas Energy & Development Projects (2001-Current)

Project development management including directing feasibility studies, obtaining site control, environmental permitting, engineering and project economic related activities; responsible for project contract negotiations and cost control-budgeting for projects under development among which include a 1,000 MW cogeneration project in NYC and three 7,500 t/d coal gasification to chemicals projects in West Virginia and Kentucky. 

Manhattan Place Condominium (2013-Current)
Providing ongoing technical and commercial advisory services to Manhattan Place for its building electrical switchgear system replacement, relocation and other assets related to the damage due to Hurricane Sandy.

Gas Alternative Systems, Inc. (2011 to 2014)
Provided Owner’s project engineering and supervisory services for the complete dismantling of the 100 MW POA Cogeneration Facility in Syracuse, NY. Arranged for the transport and storage of the two General Electric gas turbine generator units and auxiliary equipment.

Arranged for the marketing and sales of the above GE gas turbine generator units and associated assets. Negotiated and closed transactions on behalf of Gas Alternative Systems to the Pacific Power Generation Corporation of Bogota, Columbia.

St. Lucie Waste to Energy Plant Development (2009 to 2012)

Selected by Jacoby Energy/Geoplasma St. Lucie, LLC as Project Development Manager for planning and zoning approval, site plan configurations, preliminary FEED process engineering , EPC and O&M evaluations necessary for submitting application for the Florida DEP environmental and construction permit which was obtained by ERG in 2010. NRG Energy later entered into arrangements for the purchase of the project with Geoplasma St. Lucie, LLC .

Click Here for the GSTL Air Construction Final Permit

Alter NRG Corporation (2008) 

Consulting services and engineering studies of waste-to-energy facilities focused on Westinghouse Plasma gasification technology. Work includes power plant sizing, electric and thermal-steam off take agreements, and general business development activities.

Project Orange Associates, LLC (2003-2010)                                            

Asset management advisory responsibilities for a 100 MW gas turbine electric / 500,000 lb/hr steam cogeneration facility located in Syracuse, NY. Responsibilities include oversight of contracts with General Electric's O&M Services and thermal sales to Syracuse University along with managing electric trading and gas procurement activities with JP Morgan and British Petroleum (BP).

GenPower Services, LLC (2008-2009)                                             

Business development and project development services to GenPower and First Reserve Corporation owners of GenPower Holdings. Arrangement involved identifying existing large electric power plants for acquistion and greenfield/brownfield sites for new power plant development.

Lake Worth Generation, LLC (1998-2003)                                    

Arranged and negotiated buyout of development rights from Reliant Energy for a 250 MW combine cycle development project with the City of Lake Worth, Florida. Initiated project development contracts and managed local development activities, including permitting through financial closing for construction with the AES Corporation.

Southern California Edison Acquisitions (1997-2001)                

Initiated project prospect, arranged bid proposals and concluded negotiations on behalf of Thermo Ecotek Corporation for the ultimate award, buyout and closing of two (2) SCE power plants in the Los Angeles, California area. Assisted Thermo with repowering studies and future development plans for these assets. One of the plants, Mountainview Power Plant, was repowered to 1056 MW's-combined cycle technology and was later sold to a Shell/Bechtel venture.

Cool Water Coal Gasification Plant Equipment Resale- Acquisition (1998-2000)                                                                                        

Initiated project prospect for Thermo Ecotek and facilitated the bridge loan for resale of the 150 MW GE combined cycle plant located in Daggert, California.

Cypress Acquisition, Inc (1997)                                                        

Conceived and arranged for the acquisition of a Mission Energy subsidiary (Cypress Energy) and later formed an arrangement with South Florida Cogeneration resulting in a $40 million Florida Power & Light power purchase agreement buyout located in Miami, Florida.