Energy Resources Group, Inc.

Selected to be the Project Development Manager for the


GeoPlasma-St. Lucie Waste-to Energy

Plasma Gasification Project



 Project Owner:                            Geoplasma-St. Lucie, LLC, Atlanta, GA

 Development Manager:                  Energy Resources Group, Inc.

 Project Type:                              600 Ton/Day

                                                 Recycled MSW to 25.0 MW Electricity

 Development Agreement:               Executed, November, 2007 with

                                                 St.Lucie County

 Planned Financial Closing:               First Quarter - 2012


 Planned Commercial Operation:        Fourth Quarter - 2013

 CAPEX:                                       $140 million

 Project Site Control:                      County Long-Term Lease

                                                  Co-Located at County Landfill


Additional Development Funding Participation is Currently Under Evaluation


The GeoPlasma – St. Lucie, LLC waste-to-energy project will be located on approximately eight (8) acres of property owned by St. Lucie County and co-located with the County’s municipal landfill.

The project will gasify approximately 600 tons-per-day of class 1 municipal solid waste (MSW) and approximately 60 tons-per-day of scrap tires, producing 18 to 20 net megawatts of electricity and a variable steam offload to local hosts.

FDEP issued a Final (non-appealable) Air Construction Permit July 2010.

Click Here to View the GeoPlasma-St. Lucie Air Construction Permit

Geoplasma-St. Lucie, LLC is an operating unit of The Jacoby Group

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